Life Is Nothing Without Health

Between work, the wedding, and the usual daily battle with my Fibromyalgia, 2013 has been the year I really had to remind myself that my life would be nothing if I didn’t stay healthy.  It meant forcing myself to run when I was exhausted from work and paying more attention to what I was putting in my body even when the choices were already limited.  At the end of the year I’m able to look back and know that I had managed to make it through the preceding months with very few illnesses despite how hectic and intense my schedule was.  For me that is incredibly rare when under the amount of pressure and stress I was balancing, but I’m glad that I stuck to my resolutions and  focused on my health.

Eating better consistently wasn’t always fun, but it sure as heck made a difference in how I felt.  The more processed food I cut out whenever possible, the less problems I had throughout the year.  It took a lot to celebrate my 30th birthday at the exact same weight I was 15 years ago, but I know every bit of the sacrifice was worth it when I wake up in the morning and have a good day ahead.  The more I’ve educated myself in the last year about what was in foods I had a soft spot for splurging on, the more I’ve found I don’t want to eat those foods anymore.  I think for me that was what really helped in getting my health back.


I don’t think the freshman in college version of myself (above) had any idea I would only get in better shape as the years passed.

If I had the money to eat perfectly clean every moment of every day I totally would, but I’m a realist and know that just isn’t going to happen on my salary right now.  However, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up and decided to live on a college diet of Ramen noodles all over again.  My health is my life and without it I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I love, so I will continue on in my battle during the year ahead.  I’m determined enough to not give up until I find the right combination of things that will make my Fibromyalgia seem almost nonexistent.

As a treat, for my bridal shower, my Maid of Honor took me to a Barre class since I had been talking about wanting to do it for most of the year.  It was a huge treat and I absolutely loved it.  It combined many of the techniques that I love from my years as a dancer with pilates, yoga and general isometric strengthening sets.  I know that the location she took me to will be having specials for registering come January, as every health and fitness location does, and I think I might just take the plunge and sign up there.  It will be a new challenge for me to take on for 2014 and a nice option other than running.

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