A Simple “Thank You”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of WiseGeek.org

Photo Credit: Courtesy of WiseGeek.org

Since I returned to the company I’m with, I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple leaders and overall it has been a great experience.  However, I did have one leader that I didn’t gel with as much as I would have hoped to and that has made working for my current leader an even better experience.  Just last week I returned to my desk to find a concise email thanking me for doing my job effectively.  Seems like a no-brainer that I am to do that no matter what, but it was really nice receiving an email thanking me for doing my job the way my manager hoped I would.

I believe being exposed to leaders like this in my past is what made me into the manager I am today.  Remembering how nice it feels to receive and unexpected “thank you” is something that always made me ensure that I thanked those working for me.  In my current role I spend most days working independently, but there are times which call for me to once again step up to the plate and lead a team full of people from multiple areas.  I will continue to show my appreciate for what they do, even when it is exactly what is expected of them, as it is what keeps people motivated to keep working hard.

Despite spending so many days working independently, that email from my leader reminded me that what I do and how I do it is noticed.  It made me proud to know that I was living up to her expectations professionally and motivated me to keep pushing so that I can hopefully surpass what she expects me to do.  Family legacy or not, I have a lot to prove with the company I’m with.  I fought hard to return to this company in a management capacity and I’ll continue fighting to get to my ultimate dream position later in my career.  Emails like the one mentioned above only continue to add fuel to my fire and remind me that everything I do counts.

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