Toes In The Sand

Good friends, good books and good adventures are sometimes all it takes to remind you that it’s time to embrace the world around you. I’m very fortune that I have a few close friends who have stuck by my side through thick and thin. They remind me that even on my worst of days a few moments of laughter can make everything seem easy again. Recently I posted on Facebook how much I missed being able to walk down to the end of my street and enjoy the peace of the beach. It took just moments for my fiancé and a good friend of mine to start brainstorming how they would each get me back to the beach.


Heaven on earth.

Spending a day with my toes in the sand always makes everything seem better. It’s one less day that I spend at home trying to figure out where my next gig will be. One less day that I’m worrying about how we’ll get everything for the wedding paid for. One less day that I’m thinking about how my pain level is spiking. There’s nothing that can compare to the sun warming my skin while I read a good book and listen to the waves crashing on the shore. I definitely was spoiled being able to spend my teenage years growing up on the coast, but I consider it to be my home for a good reason. Walking on a beach always makes me feel as if it is where I am meant to be.


Nothing beats a stress free day at the beach.

This year I am proud to wear a swim suit, despite the weight melting off of me due to stress, and spend a day laying on the warm sand. I think it took me turning to thirty to realize that it’s time I stop comparing myself to all the other women out there. It’s time to just be happy with who I am physically and strive to be the best me I can be. After years of dancing I’m just built differently then other gals and I’m finally okay with it. This year I plan to embrace what I look like and embrace my friends who have stood beside literally through thick and thin versions of myself. I appreciate each of you for the impact you’ve had on my life and know that I wouldn’t be the same without you. My good friends are like a fine wine…they only get better with age!

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