The Hair Stylist Search Begins

For years now I’ve been going to Hair Cuttery to save a little money in my hair care charges. For those who weren’t immediately tipped off by my photo on the right hand sign, I’m not a natural redhead. The lurkers that visit often to snoop out my page may have seen the photos I’ve posted from the past revealing my blonde hair. Well, staying a fiesty redhead isn’t cheap and I thought by going to the Hair Cuttery I could save myself a few pennies. After three years I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and going back to testing out salons.

Being an avid user of Groupon I figured I would check everyday for a deal that would allow me to cut, color and condition my hair while testing out new stylists. I’m pretty sure my Maid of Honor has been getting her hair done for years via this plan. She takes advantage of deals on Groupon even more than I do and I figure if it has worked for her then it is worth a shot. I think my next deal might be for a new hair straightener as my current one is on it’s way out. I’m patient with waiting to get just the right deal and it has paid off on several occasions.

As I type this I am sitting with a head full of hair color awaiting the stylist to complete her magic. I will say I have learned from this experience that openly admitting that I’m shopping for a new stylist is like asking for their résumé. It has giving me a chance to hear all of her background experiences while receiving her undivided attention in hopes of actually getting what I desire. It has been nice to meet someone who suggests services, but isn’t forcing them on me. This is what people tell me a trip to the stylist should be like, but it isn’t often that I’ve had this kind of experience.

As I sit here with my glass of wine and magazine to kill some time, I’m reflecting on how I’ve managed to pay the same price as I would have at Hair Cuttery but am receiving so much more. It is amazing how the slight change in customer service has change my attitude towards the price. Now I know why my Maid of Honor has been testing out different locations and stylists for years now. She was truly onto something!


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