Parental Super Heroes?

Having our house has been such a blessing. Some times when I pull up in the driveway I’m amazed that we own the house and it’s not just another rental that we’re going to have to move out of eventually. Since all the painting that I initially did before we moved in, I haven’t had the chance to pick up a paint brush again. I did manage to make some curtains create great window treatments for the formal areas, but the areas we live in the most are still awaiting their touches.

I thought that the unpredictable nature of my job would leave me with extra days off here and there that I might be able to put towards working on the house some more. However, I’ve found that there is always something more important and time sensitive to handle that doesn’t include making pillows or decorating the family room. I can’t help but wonder how people who have kids manage to do it all.

My cousins just gave birth to their second child and yet they still manage to find time for DIY home projects and sewing. In my eyes they are super heroes. For starters they are honest that being parents to two small children is extremely rewarding, but also very difficult. Between them they manage to balance two full time jobs, two amazing youngsters, their families, a circle of friends and their adorable home out west.

Check out their amazing  blog and maybe you'll learn a few parenting tips.

Check out their amazing blog and maybe you’ll learn a few parenting tips.

I have no idea how my cousins find time to blog in addition to everything else. Clearly Erin must be Super Woman. I’m not sure how else to explain this. Check out their awesome blog Growing Up Senge and you’ll have proof of her super powers. I love that she’s even found time recently to blog about her new hair style while being on maternity leave. I’m going to have to start taking time management tips from these two as they’ve clearly got it down pat!

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    Ah, it sounds so easy when you say it! I should note that the nursery is the only room in our house that is actually “decorated.” Having kids turns out to be a huge motivator for me…

    it’s all a matter of trade-offs – I mean, priorities! I’ve learned that I can’t do everything ALL of the time, so I prioritize the things that make me happy (crafts!) and to minimize or eliminate things that don’t make us happy or cost too much time or energy (cleaning is overrated!). While I’ve been on leave, I’ve managed to squeak out lots of time here and there to do things like blog, sew, get a haircut, etc. Sewing is an especially high priority because I have nothing suitable for leaving the house…

    I have some good chunks of time where Ivy is napping that I can wear her and have my hands free. And since Alice is bigger now, she can “help” me sew or craft or cook. When she wants to play by herself, I take advantage and do what I can on my own, like read or blog.

    I’m sure a lot of this will change once I’m back at work. But with some planning and prioritizing, I hope I’ll still find a way to do a little of what makes me happy!

    My best parenting tips are to prioritize everyone’s happiness and lower your standards. =)

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