Goodbye Fantasy…Hello Hollywood

A little less than five months after leaving the hotel industry to return to theme parks, it appears that I’m once again making a change.  I won’t be changing companies this time, but instead swapping departments and the theme park that I am based out of.  Part of the added bonus in accepting a position that wasn’t full time was I have been given numerous opportunities to learn locations in other parks so that I could pick up shifts in multiple areas.  It is what has helped me stay afloat when I wasn’t getting scheduled very much in the area I was based out of.

I very happily have had the opportunity to work in two subsets of my current department within two different parks.  Being training in four areas gave me the versatility to grasp for shifts in all of them to make ends meet.  It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I have an even stronger appreciation for the department I’ve been in.  However, I’m very much so looking forward to returning to the department I started in during October of 2003.

Over my years with the company, no matter what my status (full time, part time, or seasonal), I have always be based out of one specific theme park and this will be my first time venturing outside of that box.  It will be full of new and exciting experiences, but more importantly more learning opportunities.  I already know in my new location I’ll be seeing some familiar faces from back in my performing years, but I also know I’m walking away from others that I just finally had a chance to reconnect with.

I am fortunate that my new area is allowing me to be shared with the area I’m currently still in if I am not being used on some days.  It is up to me to ensure that I’m diligent in getting my scheduling information to both locations so that I’m not accidentally double booked or left with no work, but knowing how intense my color coded calendar system is I’m thinking this shouldn’t be a problem.  As I finish out my last few weeks being assigned to my current area I have many that I need to thank for taking the time to teach me what they know.  I had a successful experience due to those around me that were willing to help keep me informed of all I needed to know.  As I wave goodbye to the world of needles, thread and fantasy I’ll be welcoming an area full of entertainment and a touch of theatrics from Hollywood.

The "World" is full of so many opportunities.

The “World” is full of so many opportunities.

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