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Why are themed invitations so cheesy and look like they are all intended for a child’s birthday party? I know that there are women out there that have chosen to plan weddings in the past that have a central theme or feeling to them and have aspired to get invitations that coordinate into that idea. However, every invitation I find just looks childish. I contemplated making my own up until I found a woman who makes the perfect ones and sells them for less than it would cost me to recreate the look I like.

We have a very tight budget and have been counting each penny, but if couples aren’t careful they can blow a lot of moolah on just the invitations. After many hours of research, and some numbers crunching by my Maid of Honor, we’ve decided to move forward this week with ordering our invitations. I thought I might try to make them, but after looking at all the supplies needed it seems as if the deal I found would be the same price so it seems less stressful to have someone else fuss over creating each one. It’s all starting to become so real that this is actually going to happen this year.

Each couple has their own vision in their mind when they start planning their wedding. Some want the exquisitely elaborate invitations with raised lettering and flowery font. Others would prefer something more streamlined and simple. Then there is us. We don’t fall into either of the categories above. We were looking for something that accomplished more than just telling our guests where and when we wish for them to join us. Our invitations need to set the stage for the event ahead and give our guests their first glimpse into an event that won’t quite be completely traditional in nature. I’m excited that I was able to find some on Etsy that do just that. I’m looking forward to purchasing them directly from the creator. It not only cuts down on pricing, but it also supports her craft as well as her family.

I’ll let you know how they look once I receive them. If they are as nice as they look then I foresee myself strongly recommending others take a look at the designs she has available for any upcoming events they might be working on. This is one more thing I can cross off the list and I’m excited that I can use the time I slated for making them myself to make other items that I’ve decided could use a bit of my personal touch. I’ve got several other small projects on my list, but I think they will be the items that really start to pull everything together and give our wedding guests even more insight into our journey together.

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