The Price We Pay

Is it worth the cost for running shoes?  When I relate the cost of running shoes to my dance shoes I understand how they come out about equal in pricing, but for some reason outside of that context the pricing for athletic shoes appears to be such a burden.  This comes from the gal who didn’t even blink to drop almost $300 on a pair of Italian leather dance shoes once.  However, I can say that I still own and use those shoes to this day so I think the over ten years of use that I’ve gotten out of them up to this point balances the price out.  With running shoes I know they only have a life span of approximately five hundred miles or so before it’s recommended that you retire them for a newer, younger and more perky pair.

With dance shoes you use them until they appear as if there is no life yet and there are visible holes in them.  Then you grab a roll of duck tape or gaff tape and “personalize” them so you can continue to squeeze some more time out of them.  All dancers know that shoes are finally broken in just the way you want them right before the holes begin to appear, so we don’t part with our shoes easily.  With my running shoes I immediately feel the difference in shock absorption long before you see any holes and I wouldn’t dream of holding on to them longer than I absolutely have to.  The changes to my job recently just haven’t made it feasible to drop the cash on a new pair of running shoes and my shins keep reminding me that I am seriously overdue for new shoes.

Dancers will dance any where and wearing any footwear available.

Dancers will dance any where and wearing any footwear available.

There are so many choices out there for running shoes that I’m having difficulties deciding what type to buy for my next pair.  I know that there are a few places locally where I can be fit for new shoes, but I’m sure that will entail a hefty price tag once they determine that my feet of course would be best in the most expensive pair in the store.  How do you sort through all the choices and find new running shoes?  I’ve always wondered if once runners find a brand and style if they just buy multiple pairs of the same ones.  Every shoe I’ve purchased seems to be discontinued after I fall in love with the fit so I haven’t been able to buy them up fast enough to have several waiting to be broken in. How do you sort through all the choices and find new running shoes?  Is it worth buying multiple pairs once you find some that fit and prove to be a good match?

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    Go to the running show store and get your fit & needs diagnosed. They have plenty of reasonable options that don’t cost any more than what you’d get at a big box store and will be infinitely better for your body. It won’t cost anywhere near what you paid for your dance shoes!! You might be able to learn more about what you should look for on your next purchased too, in case you can’t just keep buying the same model. At least go and see what you can learn!!

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